Human Waves






The following thoughts and general observations only refer to teachings and traditions of cultures as a whole and are not meant to lack Respect in any way to those people who are part of these cultures or Religions.  The individual is not responsible for the teachings received since birth.




Science and Religion 

In spite of two findings from Einstein and Planck, one to show the equation between atoms and energy and the other to discover the constant between waves' frequencies and energy, traditional science has never closed the circle. 


Still today, science does not recognize the transformation from waves to atoms.


Wavevolution is the transformation opposite to nuclear fission.


Although scientists in the past had played with the idea that waves could transform into atoms no one before had discussed the consequences of this finding.


The many revelations that originated from this transformation have repercussions well beyond the progress of science and with domino effect they point to new horizons never seen before.


Wavevolution is the link that was missing to reveal the Creation.


Wavevolution shows how the origin of all energy was first waves and then atoms, how the behavior in waves and atoms is identical and how One same movement common to all energy is comparable to One Divine Will that creates the whole Universe.

The Human being, like the entire mass in the Universe, is the product of a gradual change that began with the transformation of waves.


The bureaucracy of traditional science does not allow the recognition of Wavevolution since its verification does not meet some of the pre-established criteria.


In fact, the problem is in the compilation of these laws or criteria like the “uncertainty principle” from Heisenberg which was introduced in 1927 as a pillar of science and that is not only erroneous as it is, but also became an insurmountable obstacle for all scientific progress, imposing limits that makes it impossible to recognize the concept of simultaneity.  


Misleading paradox like "space curved" and "theory of Relativity" from Einstein or like the "Schrödinger's cat" originate from this same misstep of science.


The popular theory of Relativity from Einstein reports that any Universal Truth will never be reachable through science. All people were made to believe what the same Jewish scientist believed or that to accept science is to also reject the faith in God.


At the time, the scientist was clearly referring to that God invented by Moses in the Bible but today the coordinates of science have changed.

With new horizons, the old Religions show their color and those limits that separate the Human race from One eternal Truth.


Since the discovery of Wavevolution, Science and Religion are one and the same.



One Law

In the entire Universe, all energy follows one single Movement abiding only One Law not generated by Mankind. This is the Law of Attraction for all opposite and complementary elements.

This is Quantum mechanics.


Although this single Law moves all energy in symmetry, the apparent chaos in the Universe would seem unpredictable and non-symmetrical in all places.  

That is why scientists theorized about the existence of four natural laws (gravity, electromagnetism, weak and strong nuclear forces) but in fact it is only One Law.


Back in the eighteen century Simon Laplace already said:

"We may regard the present state of the universe as the effect of its past and the cause of its future. An intellect which at a certain moment would know all forces that set nature in motion, and all positions of all items of which nature is composed, if this intellect were also vast enough to submit these data to analysis, it would embrace in a single formula the movements of the greatest bodies of the universe and those of the tiniest atom; for such an intellect nothing would be uncertain and the future just like the past would be present before its eyes."


Even if such formula remains still today out of the human reach, it is now evident that each Movement is from the urgency and necessity of the energy to reach a determined Space and to reestablish a new equilibrium.


To recognize the symmetry in this Law is to also recognize God's Will (or Destiny) revealed by that constant Movement of energy started with the Big Bang about 14 billion years ago and remained unchanged ever since.



DIMENSION & dimension

One Divine Dimension without Time, Space and Movement (in Stability) is unreachable to us living instead in a limited dimension which is defined by those three concepts.


To somehow confront these 2 Dimensions we could think of them in terms of two velocities, one known as the speed of light and the other unknown and here considered as if It were "beyond" the speed of light.


Any Movement up to the speed of light shows only one Space at one Time (like for example in your Life, which is your Movement, on each moment in Time you occupy only one Space).


Instead, beyond the speed of light, the restrictions of physic are bypassed and the equilibrium is broken between the 3 concepts Time, Space and Movement.

One Movement beyond the speed of light will show at least Two Spaces at one Time.

As if that Energy, flying over a mirror, were to exist at the same time in front of Its reflected image and also beyond that mirror.


In parallel, imagine an Idea capable to travel faster than light.

Its travel would also create one Existence although This could be materialized only when the slower energy will have reached in time those spaces already reached and created by the Idea that would be mother of all that exists.


Such Idea would also reduce the importance and meaning of one presumed Human free will since life and its events are virtually created even before we can live them.


Although in absence of Time the concept "before" does not exist, Life would then be like a shadow that follows the light, whereas the shadow is energy and the Light is One Divine Idea.



Eternal Light

In a Divine Dimension, God’s Idea is like one photon of light trapped between two mirrors.

Like an eternal ping pong for One Dimension beyond Time.


In our dimension, instead, the photon exists as if it were within a crystal sphere. The mirrored walls re-launch the same Light in an always new direction and Its reflected image from side to side appears already different, just like everything appears also to our perceptions.



Parallel mirrors

We live our life led by our perceptions as if they were many small mirrors glued on our skin. They reflect one mixture of colors and distinguish our unique Individuality.


Imagine many broken mirrors suspended in air that slowly spin, as to look around.

Each perception interacts with those outside like a mirror in front of other mirrors.

To recognize those in front is to also distinguish Oneself from the rest.

This is how the perception of the Ego is born.


Only when two mirrors become parallel at a certain distance they could look at each other without recognizing which one is which.

The two opposite mirrors can each identify within the frame of the other to lose themselves in their reflected image ...... and to gain a new Respect for one another.


The Respect for Equality would occur just like this, with a change of perceptions.



WRONG                 GOD

Life is perceived like a continuous choice, as if we were always in front of a circle where we could either go right or go left.

In spite of that, Ego longs for more, perceiving the human limits of both choices.

Ego feels safe only with its Individual choice and so walks to the right while also turning its head to the left.

It looks around to compare and choose the "right" direction.  

Ego does not believe in Destiny and is afraid of a future and of a "wrong" direction.


Instead, Quantum mechanics (or Law of attraction) moves all energy as if each of us were only half of one circle. Some are with the right halves and some are with the left but none with the wrong halves.

We all are elements of One same energy fragmented in symmetry. Each element complements another to generate a new form of That same energy.

 All of us will go some to the right and some to the left to meet around one circle because of One Destiny.


All those who believe in the possibility of another will, beyond that One Divine, extend their Belief to at least one other God: Ego, the Wrong ..... God.



Love from 2 opposites

On every moment of our life, those we believe to be deliberate actions originate from the perception of one presumed Free Will.

Also, any perception of this Will is always finalized either:

to benefit someone else (Give)


to benefit oneself (Take).

All relations are based on one exchange between Giving and Taking.

All except one, Love.


Imagine a triangle and the two perceptions, Giving and Taking, to run up to the converging sides of the triangle and to reach the top.

Only when the 2 perceptions run opposite and at the same speed they can meet face to face.

From their clash is ignited the spark of Love.

The top of the triangle joins and nullifies the 2 opposite perceptions.

In time, the two perceptions could change and the spark could disappear as Love is not Good or Bad but the meeting of 2 opposites.



Equality and Opposites

The spark of Love, or perception from opposites, is only possible between two individuals. Instead, among a group of people, or in a society, Love could not exist as that perception of one individual whose opposite would coincide with that of everyone else unless those perceptions were manipulated and led to believe it (like for example in the worship of the Pharaohs). 


That ultimate Respect is to be found between two people in the attraction for our differences while in a society instead the attraction should originate from what we have in common.

The meaning of Respect in a society is measured by the initial acceptance without prejudice for the diversity of the people.


Hence, Equality everywhere in the World ... but not in the bedroom. 



Domino effect 

"Tertium non Datur" the Romans used to say. There is no third option.


There is one Animal kingdom, its pyramidal concept still today observed even by the Human being, and one consequent fight for survival that in this structure is to remain constant.


There is also one concept called Equality that was always a puzzle.  


Then, how could a new Humankind be set apart from the Animal kingdom and how could this change possibly occur?

It is not possible to Respect one Equality that is not understood.


It would take a Plan based on the most solid principles and one strategy led by a new and clear definition of the concept of Equality. 

It would be like entering a labyrinth with the confidence to find the way out because of one compass that will help us to navigate and to reach the destination.

Wavevolution offers that compass to navigate in that labyrinth which is our reality.

Like in a "domino effect" the doors will open one after another and a mirrored light will show the exit.



Divide and Conquer

The recognition of Equality has always generated much fear for that concept of Individualism so adored by the Jewish culture and this Culture has always defended with one well defined strategy:

Divide and Conquer. 

It is applied anywhere there is a form of Equality in order to instigate a conflict between two factions at peace. This strategy takes advantage of one human weakness and always begins with one interference and with the same sentence:

"Let me help you".

Betrayal is soon to follow.


Nevertheless, no one should be found guilty only for being born in a certain part of the World or for having learned what was taught since childhood.

It is not a matter of DNA or races.

Instead it is about Cultures.


In historical sense, the Animal behavior in the Human being has never changed but was simply redressed by teachings, Religions and traditions that are different in the many areas of the World and that define the characters of each Culture.


Among many, there is also one Culture that believes it can distinguish Good from Bad and that lives its own actions with a constant sense of guilt. This Culture prefers protection over freedom in a World that only recognizes the rule of force and an eye for an eye. 


That is why from the beginning the Jewish culture, for fear of its survival, has always embodied the role of the slave for the ruler of its time.  At first, with Moses for the Pharaohs of Egypt, then with Herod for the Roman Empire, more recently at the service of the Royals of England and in our days for the most influential governments: USA and UK.


Time has always brought change hence hope for the future although the views of all populations in regard to the Jews have so far remained unchanged throughout history. 

People have always called them greedy, parasites, masters of lies ....

but in the UK and US, the Jews are fully protected and no one dares to talk publicly about the vices of this Culture.

Media and governments all over the World are always under strong pressure to follow that same example.


As they believe they are the "chosen people" from God the Jews are also the sworn enemies of Equality. This Belief, incompatible with peace and Human respect, has brought over the centuries constant wars and destabilization. 

Today the World in turmoil is a sign of their “success”.


After 3,000 troubled years, the Jewish Culture can be defined today with utmost clarity.


The more they feel protected the more they become arrogant.

Fear and arrogance allow them to only look up or down. 

They detest any form of transparency and they know better than anyone else how to navigate in turbid waters.

Corruption is their vital organ.

They adore a deep voice and have constant need of attention.


Their "sense of humor" revolves around bashing on cultures and people from all over while they accuse anti-Semite any remark about them.

They find very amusing to be the judges of everyone.


One famous "sense of guilt" follows them everywhere and the word "sorry" is always their companion.


With a tight hold on Hollywood, TV stations and newspapers their influence has no rivals in the World and reflects more and more in the values of our times. 


The nature of this Culture exemplifies the role of the middle man.

Like the eternal second, It is near the strongest but also at a safe distance from the troubles it stirs. 

One peculiarity of this Culture is the need to always look up to someone and idolize who is “better” (like who is richer or more famous. Who is more ……).


That is why the Jewish culture is perfect for the agents of the New World Order and for their adored pyramid that would enslave all, except One.



On Guard!

Not against the greed, hypocrisy and selfishness of our culture imported by Jewish, Christian and Muslim Religions. No need to stay on guard against these 3 Religions that for the past 3,000 years have been disgracing the name of God. Instead, stay on guard from an Anglo-Judaic private society that plays with these three Religions and bets the Destiny of Humankind in a Plan that is so ambitious it is almost unimaginable.


You are invited to read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Much has been written about this century old manuscript describing the minutes of a very specific Plan for a World dominated by only one man, one World Dictator. It is been said that it is a hoax or a reverse conspiracy written to blame a certain group of people but today that book should be read from a different angle. Although in the past everyone have pointed finger and repudiated the paternity of this manuscript, today it is no longer relevant to know who was responsible for writing it. Instead, it is important to know the fact that its strategy is being executed with utmost precision and could soon be finalized by a small group of individuals. Too many similarities during the last few years coincide with escalating events already described by the final stage of the Plan written in this hateful manuscript.


Read it with an open mind and without prejudice toward any person or Religion. For the most part, the religious followers are in good faith and not aware of this Plan based upon the Biblical concept of one "chosen people".


During World War Two, the propaganda of this manuscript has been used to instigate all people against the Jews and became one of the main causes for the Holocaust. This has brought nothing but animalistic destruction of many innocent lives.


Instead, the sinister words of this manuscript, used to describe such hate for Humankind, can be clearly explained today. Those words are based on one single principle and its belief that Equality does not exist.



On a certain day 

Only difference between Christians and Jews in one word is Equality.


They both celebrate on the same day Good Friday and Passover but in memory of different events. For the Jews this is the happiest day as they celebrate their escape from Egypt while for the Christians, instead, this is the day that Jesus was crucified.

Jesus was a Jew who was killed by his own people only because he opposed their concept of one "chosen people" and had invoked Equality.


The concept of Equality is still today misunderstood among many Christians whose values remain anchored to the Jewish Culture and their celebrated Individualism.


In principle, the difference is at the root of the Christian teaching.

For example, the Protestants have been taught that Respect must be gained from the other while the Catholics instead remain more loyal to the message of Jesus whereas Respect is offered to begin with. 


Christians who do not believe in Equality are no different than the Jews in their Belief.



The 3 Religions

When Moses spoke, in the name of God from Mount Sinai and lied to those slaves running away from Egypt, Moses did not know he was also becoming the founder of 3 Religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

In fact, these 3 Religions base their Belief on the Old Testament and the 10 Commandments.

Moses was the first historical "prophet" of these 3 Religions.

There is no historical evidence of Abraham, Noah or other "prophets" before Moses with the exception of the Bible invented by the same Moses.


To maintain a sort of credibility, the Bible continues to be re-interpreted today as it was for the past 3,000 years and like it is shown by the accumulation of all Jewish literature. This is all compiled in the Talmud and conveniently written and rewritten still in our days to justify the contents of the Bible with the new understandings and new discoveries.  In other words, the text of the Talmud is used like the key to reading the Bible although this key is constantly changing in time.


From the very beginning, the interpretation of the Bible came to a split between the writers from Babylon and those from Jerusalem.


The method of interpretation of the Talmud Bavli, or Babylonian Talmud, favors the art of debate for the search of one possible “truth” hidden in the Bible. Its sages and writers concluded with optimism in regard to the existence of Humankind and its future.

Instead, Talmud Yerushalmi, or the Talmud written by the sages from Jerusalem, is presented to the followers with one Divine authority. It emphasizes that future generations should listen with reverence to the teachings of the sages and it is more about the law of private property than debates for philosophical research. Also, the sages from Jerusalem, in their moral pessimism, concluded that Humankind would have been "evil" if left unchecked.


Therefore, from the beginning, the Jewish Religion started to divide between Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jews.

This evident fracture became a contagious example.


Like a cut almost down to the roots, a Jewish man about two thousand years ago founded a new Religion: Christianity. Jesus separated from his Religion to found one new Belief. This was described in the so called the New Testament although for the most part this is much like a sequel to the Old one. The difference is in the words of Jesus that was spreading the concept of Equality. After Jesus had died, his followers built the Church to supposedly carry his message. But, the Church instead ended up being built also like a pyramid with priests and bishops, cardinals and popes. Since the times of Jesus, Christianity has made a U turn, rejected Equality and returned to that same pyramidal concept divinized by the Jewish Torah.


Six centuries after Jesus, the Religion of Islam started with Mohammed as a reaction from the dark skinned men. In the same area of the World where Moses was born and where the Jewish Religion was expanding, the dark skinned man had felt like a second class citizen on the ladder of the Jewish casts. Although separate from Jewish and Christian Religions, Islam maintained the same teaching from the Old and the New Testament which are both included in the book of the Koran.


Over the course of time, Christianity and Islam also continued to split and to form numerous sects.

Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox and others between the Christians. Sunnis, Shiites and others between the Muslims.  


The pyramidal structure of these 3 Religions from Moses shows how they have all refused Equality and led their followers into a mystical submission to serve their Supreme Ego personified by each Religion as a rabbi, a pope or an imam.



Myth of After-Life

Reincarnation is commonly intended by Religions as the migration of one same Soul in different bodies while it is also capable to maintain Its own individuality unaltered. If we were to believe in reincarnation, then, Instinct and behavioral character at the time of birth of a child could be the sum of experiences lived in past lives and stored at an unconscious level. The DNA could also be linked to reinforce the belief in reincarnation. One day we will discover that changes in DNA, to a small extent, take place constantly during the life of each individual.

Evolutional changes, in order to be transmitted to new generations, must necessarily occur during the lives of the previous generations and could not take place suddenly at birth of the new generations. If science could prove that DNA changes occur during a person’s life then any similarity in DNA between individuals of the same families could make believe in reincarnation, as for example, the nephew born soon after the death of his grandfather. If we were to believe that the grandfather’s Soul was reincarnating in the nephew we could notice how not only they could have similar physical resemblance and similar behaviors, but also their DNA is similar as it could have been the same DNA from the grandfather that changed over Time.


Nevertheless, reincarnation is only a myth, and, while this concept continues to offer an illusion for the fears of the individual, over the centuries it became the most formidable instrument for the Religions to continue to increase the number of their followers.



The Religious promise

Religions promise their followers that their wishes will be fulfilled in the after-life as reward for their faith.

The Religious concept of the Soul offers in the after-life one retribution for those actions we took during our life.

Together with that promise, Religions also give the same ultimatum:

“Trust me and you’ll be rewarded. If you don’t you will be punished”. A warning like that is enough to scare most people who have not really paid attention to what is being promised. In fact, it is a misconception to think of our Soul as a component of our physical individuality or also to envision in the after-life similar experiences to those we have lived in this terrestrial life. Even if we wanted to believe in the after-life, what type of wishes could we conceive and expect when we will no longer have our body of mass? What could a Muslim martyr do with the 72 virgins promised to him in the after-life? Even if we were to live in a new life with a different body of mass maybe what we wished in the previous life may not be as desirable in the new one. 


The Belief in Destiny offers its greater gift in the defeat of fear over death.



Climate of Cultures

While one could not generalize for all of their people, it would be possible instead to define with precision the features of every culture. That is because people react differently in regard to the culture of the Country in which they are born; some totally embracing it while others instead even rejecting it. So you could not say that all Jews behave the same way or that all English people think alike, but, you could tell exactly what their cultures are about and what they teach to their own citizens.

Cultures originate from local traditions that have evolved over thousands of years in their historical environment and geographical climate. In Time they have become what they are today.


It would seem that societies living in cold temperatures favor the use of Reason more than those in hot Countries which are instead more inclined toward Instinct and the rule of Strength.


For the individual, Awareness is always the product of a clash between Reason and Instinct.


In relation to a multitude, Culture for a Society is the equivalent of Awareness for the Individual. The average understanding or Reason acquired in a society impacts with the average Instinct of that same society (also determined by its climate) to define customs and Culture.


Hence, Awareness and Cultures could both change in time with new understandings but only when a new Reason could be felt well "under the skin".




If altruism were to spread everywhere it would place the Ego outside its natural center and would regard the other’s interests as our own.

At first, altruism could seem contrary to Instinct and survival of Life, but, since the beginning of Time, energy was always fragmented and formed by more than just one element.


In parallel, the multi-organism is what formed Life as result of a variation to the perennial conflict between one cell and the other.

This is generated by the union of different cells attracted in order to complement each other in a new form of energy. The multi-organism, caused by union rather than conflict, is the mechanic cause for the evolution of Life.


Among many cultures there is one example where altruism is the driving force for a society living in harmony.

This example is offered by the spirit of Aloha in Hawaii.



Circle of Equality

At the foundation of a long lasting social system it must be set a priority of values and, in a system of values, Reason is at the center of the “Circle of the Stronger”.


Imagine, running along the perimeter of a strange circle: the mouse killed by the cat, the cat killed by the lion, the lion killed by the man, the man killed by the bacteria, the bacteria killed by the white cells of the mouse. The survival of each one depends on the survival of those on their sides and that of the entire Circle.



Above all written laws there must be one Mutual Trust that every action will always satisfy the needs of the Circle well before those of any Individual. 



The Two Hands

Also visible in the Animal kingdom, the brutal Strength is no better or worse than the deadly Deception.


Two are the Hands to cross and shape our World

to mold It like a vase of clay and put their own seal

the scepter of command, illusion of reward

to drive at will one Destiny with no steering wheel 


In the last World war, the Hand of Strength and Hand of Deception have crossed once again. 

Strength personified by the Axis and Deception by the Allies.

Gestapo versus CIA.


One long scar still bleeds over this Planet.


With Strength defeated, the winners of the War have extended their cunning Hand, robbed the whole World and transformed each town in a place where Deception is the only reality.


Two new blocks were soon formed right after the War.


UK and USA celebrated Capitalism


Russia instead was infatuated with Communism


The Two Hands had only changed gloves.  



Paradoxes in private property

Any concept to be universally valid would have to pass the test in any circumstance, including a paradox. Without “Yes, but” or “No, but”, the answer should always be the same in all cases.

The question in regard:

is private property a human right?

For example, what if all spaces above our head were privatized (as it is for airways already owned by private airlines) and the owners started to charge a fee to all those who want to look up? 

Would you call it a crime if someone were not paying for the refusal to only look down?


Privatized potable water could also make us think of some paradox.

For example, suppose a population were dying from thirst and took over the water supplies of a private company. If these people drank all the water and left without paying, was a crime being committed?


Private property is not a human right but a convenience that is acceptable only when it is not “inconvenient” for the majority.



Similarities between Empires

When emperor Hadrian started to import arts and culture from Greece this influence was soon felt over the whole Roman Empire.

They said: “Graecia capta ferum victorem coepit et artes intulit agresti Roma” or “the conquered Greece conquers the rough winner, introducing culture in the farms of Rome”.

To this extent the Greeks believed their captor, the Roman Empire, was beneficial to Greece because it was promoting their civilization expanding it through the engine of the Roman Empire.


If we compare Rome to the USA, as the only superpower, we can see how also the USA is spreading a culture not originally its own.

For a long time, the Jewish culture had strong influence in the USA acquiring its values and the concept of Capitalism.


In complete antithesis, in Israel it is also experimented the only applied concept of Communism, called Kibbutz.

Which one is Israel lovechild? Communism or Capitalism?

The hope is that one third child is soon to be born.




Since the end of World War Two, the United States of America has promoted worldwide the concept of Capitalism which in theory is a form of Democracy. This system of government is supposed to allow free trading of all material goods in a market open to the competition of their prices. In its application, instead, due of its structure and lack of transparency (like the closed doors board meetings), this system was only ruled by greed and corruption. That is why today the rich got richer while the poor got even poorer.


Capitalism is a mechanism that runs like many wheels in motion and none of which could ever stop running. For example if a company selling computers had trouble delivering because the tracking business was shut down, then also the company selling computers would shut down as well.


In the name of Capitalism, the cost of living is constantly rising (inflation) for the sole purpose of sustaining the growth and profits of companies traded in the stock markets. No other real reason. In fact, technology has largely increased the World productivity, the reserves and the supplies of all consumer goods even if we were to consider the increase in modern populations worldwide. 


In a system of values like this one, is money more valuable than Life? Perhaps, the question may seem rhetorical.

But what is money and how to compare Life with this “colored paper”? Could a new system of government work if the driving motivation were different than just money?


Instead of money, societies could find the incentive in that Instinctive human desire which is different for everyone and that, if it were exempt from the financial blackmail, would always bring out the full potential in each Human being. 

If productivity must grow to sustain a larger World population then it would take a new system capable to express the utmost efficiency of the Human potential.

DNA could tell us which ones are our talents and best skills that could be utilized by the single individual for the common good of a society.

This would not be an obligation on the part of the citizen but it would certainly provide help for a direction.

In the wider sense, Equality between individuals would exist in the capability to develop each our own faculties and manifest at best our potential in the work environment through DNA examinations.

The driving force for the worker would then change from money to fulfillment of the individual skills.

Could you imagine living and producing spontaneously for yourself and for others, effortlessly, while you enjoy it and contributing at best to society? 

It would seem utopia.



The Bridge

Any possibility to be called as such would need to have its development from beginning to end. The concept of an ideal World whose premises and initial conditions were not reachable from the point where we are today would make that idea a utopia. To be defined as a possibility, at least in theory a marked path should exist.

But how would it be possible to create a bridge to get to this hypothetical ideal World from the point where we are today?

How to get from point A to point C not knowing point B?

Recognizing it would offer a Direction.

Besides, even if only one path existed this would make that idea no longer a utopia but a possibility.


Then if the goal was to put the Human being on the throne of society instead of money and to achieve that it would take a government ruled via internet like Commutalism before this could be applied three conditions would need to occur. At first the expressed will to have a Democracy intended as the will of the voting majority. Another premise would be that there were no more borders or individual States. One third and last premise is that lack of mutual respect will not be tolerated.


It would then be possible to have a total account of all public property, at the moment in the hands of the different States, to add it to all of the private properties to get to know qualities and quantities of all properties on the Planet.

Since Commutalism is a new form of Capitalism organized for only those goods which are exceeding the Human needs we would have to first recognize which one are those necessities to be able to satisfy them.

Once taken into account the minimum acceptable standards for all Human beings that amount can be detracted from the total of the properties on the Planet to leave the rest up for grab among the participants of this new form of Capitalism.



Common and Individual interests

If all the goods in the World were 100 apples and only 10 people were to live on this Planet, these 10 people would have 3 choices:

1)   Each one could share the 100 apples.

2)   Everyone could compete (or fight) for those 100 apples so that some may have more than 10 apples and some will end up with none.

3) All people could be guaranteed to have 10 apples and those who are willing and capable to produce from that starting point could have even more (for example planting the seeds of those apples). Their work would then become a reward besides those 10 apples which are guaranteed. 


Communism is choice number one.

Capitalism is choice number two.

Commutalism is choice number three.


The difference between these 3 is that corruption could infect the first or the second choice but not the third one which has been built with a different structure. 


Besides that,

Communism limits the human spirit and dims the ambitions which are needed to generate the spark and generate new ideas for the future.

This concept of sharing finds its main obstacle in the Ego within all Human beings.


Capitalism exploits those economically weak and values the human being according to wealth and private property.

Based on competition and discordance this system will punctually lead to unsustainable extremes. 


If Commutalism were to rise it would be like a new race for those who want to run while for all others ....... they will still have 10 apples.



Rights at birth

How could the concept of Equality coexist with the Individualism of Capitalistic societies? The eternal struggle between rich and poor originates from a certain right commonly taken for granted: the right to wealth at birth. That is the first obstacle for Equality. What would be the merit of an individual at birth in a Capitalistic society that is based upon work-reward and meritocracy? If inheritance were eliminated the whole Planet would find a new equilibrium in the time span of one new generation. Like also if all people were to start their Capitalistic race from the same starting point then that race would really be about competition and the obtained benefits would be then well deserved. It would only take a few changes in regard.

People could make as much as they want and spend to even educate their children but donations and inheritance would not be allowed.

Equal opportunities would then exist for all the "newly arrived".



Shadow Government

The book “The Art of War”, written by Sun Tzu, is one of the most prestigious and influential strategy textbook in the World and is taught in all military academies, including West Point. In this book it says that the best strategy to eliminate the enemy is to conduct a series of military operations so to be certain of the reactions and so to bring forward one linear strategy decided from the start. “To move your enemy you must attract him with something that you are sure to catch him. In practice, it is a matter of having control of all operations and all movements of the enemy to start with your own initial maneuvers.”

Welcome to September 11.


In most powerful Nations, the Zionist shadow government is an invisible and parallel government that can infiltrate any government elected by the people like one cancer that pervades a body asleep. This shadow government hides and infiltrates the home of every citizen to then always let the blame drop on the elected government and its responsibility on the citizens of that Country taken hostage.

Welcome to a time of destabilization. 



Boundaries between Security and Secrecy

How could the classified information be protected for the safety of one Country and also made sure that the citizens of that same Country are not the target of that top secret, as it happened in the 9/11 false flag attack for example?

Should State secrets exist? 

If State secrets were to be eliminated only in a certain Country how could this Country then protect itself? For example, if the United States were to divulge every secret then how could they do it without the risk of remaining victims of their same disclosed secrets?

Is it possible to balance the power between secret State Agencies and the right to know of every citizen?


Secret State Agencies have always been the stations to enroll new "initiated" and are still today the alcoves where the darkest ideas continue to be plotted in the name of a “Greater Good”.

To accept that such relevant secrecy can be reserved for only a few individuals is to also accept that non-governmental secret societies will continue to flourish behind closed doors and to advance their agenda while they remain well hidden from the eye of the unaware citizen.


The secret State Agencies will be those to pave the way for a New World Order. To know everything about everyone is a weapon like no others and that is also the shortest course for a Democracy to be turned into a Dictatorship. 


The current system of government seems to offer no other alternative. And from here is the need for a new concept of government. 



The Point of Light

A planned chain of events has already started before your eyes and it is still going on like in a screenplay of a movie.

In the next scene you will be pushed over and over by whom you have trusted and had you blindfolded.

You remove the bandage to see you are in front of a cliff.

Behind you there is a snake dressed in tie that talks about God.

Your Savior is one new Reason ……



In the darkness, Humankind continues to defend from a Ghost that always strikes from behind, always pushing in the same Direction.

This goes on until one day the Ghost, coming too close to hit, drops the mask revealing also its face.

At that point, it is the uprising.

All caught up in the struggle, Humankind quickly falls into despair, feeling lost in a grand chaos. Even it can recognize the assailer, it does not know yet how to change Direction.

Revolutions thunder everywhere then suddenly Humankind stops.

Everyone start to look around.

With great surprise, at the same time all people recognize one same Point of Light.


That will be the birth of a new Awareness and the beginning of a new Direction.



To the rich and to the poor

To the countless crying lambs and to the many blinded deer but also for those few laughing pigs while these 3 are still in great number and surrounded by wolves, one bird from above would say: "look all around and together press for one exit before the trap is closed".



The Phantom War

In the Second World War, US and UK have liberated the Jewish people and the whole World to become the ambassadors of Human rights and Democracy. But after the War, with the creation of the State of Israel, one new element infiltrated those two Countries. The Ego of the winners mixed with Jewish Greed have together personified the Zionist concept.


In this Biblical ideal, the “chosen people” reside at the top of one virtual pyramid and pull the strings in all Countries.


In the next World War, it will be like fighting against a phantom where the invisible enemy is personified not by another State but by a few individuals spread in various Countries that dictate their will from the top of this pyramid.


The conflict manipulated by the Zionists will be geographically split on two fronts:

Russia, China and Arab States on one side

Israel, USA and England on the other.


The conspirators have already planned this War behind the backs of all people which will be forced to fight for their own Countries in their obligation as citizens.


Through a strategy made of Terror and Deception, the Zionists will continue to monitor and to separate all people everywhere in hope to face many weak and divided oppositions rather than one strong and united.


No weapons or protests in the streets could ever oppose such Plan.


Not to remain entrapped by the Zionist Plan, the Conflict must be redefined from the beginning and fought only pro or against Equality without distinction for Religion, race or Country.


The Zionist strategy is "Divide and Conquer".

A new Humankind will be like water and will submerge that idea.



History cycles

History has always repeated itself since Human behavior has never changed.

The primordial Law of the strongest is still dominant today in all modern societies and has simply mutated from physical to financial.


Without a change of Direction we will inevitably get to a New World Order and in this messianic tyranny one single Individual could dictate his will to the whole World.


The same ending of the New World Order could happen only when a new Awareness will have reprogrammed the reactions of our Instinct to become a Humankind distinguished from the Animal Kingdom.


In all cycles of history, Animals have recognized only Strength and Deception and that is why they have always lived in cycles of extinctions.

One day a new Humankind will survive those extinctions and continue to exist thank to new understandings and one new Belief in the World.




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